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Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy helps children who are having difficulty participating in normal daily “occupations” of childhood. This includes play skills, self-help skills, self-care activities, social-emotional development and learning.

Who Can Benefit:
Children with the following challenges often benefit from occupational therapy services:

  • Oral motor/feeding problems

  • Clumsy or poor balance

  • Low muscle tone

  • Poor endurance

  • Difficulty accepting change or following directions

  • Anxious or resistant to new activities

  • Difficulty transitioning

  • Unpredictable behaviors

  • Poor organizational skills

  • Craving for, or hypersensitivity to: movement, heights, touch from others, feel of clothes, tastes/textures of foods, sounds, and smells

  • Poor awareness of surroundings or attention to detail

  • Hyperactive, distractible, or lethargic behaviors

  • Easily frustrated (showing withdrawn or aggressive behaviors)

  • Difficulty calming down or falling asleep

  • Difficulty with coloring, cutting or handwriting skills

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