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Therapeutic Listening:
Therapeutic Listening is an intense auditory integration home program. It uses a combination of electronically altered music on CD's. The music is heard through high quality headphones on a portable CD player. The listening program is individualized for each person and must be used under the close supervision of a trained therapist. The time for listening can vary from up to 30 minutes once a day to 30 minutes twice a day depending on the individualized program.

Listening involves the whole body, which encompasses: eye contact, leaning forward toward sound, focusing attention and concentration, orienting with one ear, and discriminating and interpreting sounds with the brain. Listening helps us to understand and interact with our world, as it is a basic precursor to interaction, speaking, writing and reading. It also helps us to recognize information about our environment, like our awareness of time and space.

Listening difficulties are often a part of other perceptual motor, attention, and learning difficulties that affect children and adults who have sensory processing problems. This program helps the brain organize and use sensory information more effectively. 

Therapeutic Listening programs typically show improvements in:

  • Hypersensitivity to sounds
  • Attention and focus
  • Organization of behavior
  • Regulation of the body
  • Sleep/wake cycles
  • Balance, posture  and midline control
  • Bilateral coordination
  • Body awareness
  • Concepts of space and time
  • Motor planning/praxis
  • Fine motor coordination (i.e.- handwriting)
  • Gross motor coordination and sequencing
  • Articulation and language skills
  • Emotional expression and social skills

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